The site of the vineyard was part of the original Rokeby Estate which was used by the Army as a training camp in World War II.

Following the establishment of the camp by the 46th Battalion, the 2/22 Infantry Battalion was formed on the site of the current vineyard in July 1940, where they undertook their initial training.

They were sent to Rabaul, New Brittain in 1941, as the major component of“ ”Lark Force”. Ill equipped and outnumbered they were overrun by the Japanese in January 1942.

Those Lark Force members who were not killed or captured, escaped into the jungle. Many were to die of disease, exhaustion or execution by the Japanese.

Only a small number of Lark Force managed eventually to make their way back to Australia.

The 2/22 Battalion is still in existence with Victorian-based existing members and family attending an annual reunion at the site of the Ironbark Ridge Vineyard Vineyard, the location of their original training camp.